Ding Lei: NetEase is ready for the technology and planning of Metaverse, and it may run faster than anyone else

On November 16, NetEase announced the third quarter results of this year. The financial report showed that NetEase Q3 net income was RMB 22.2 billion. The financial report shows that NetEase’s Q3 net income was RMB 22.2 billion, an increase of 19% year-on-year (compared to the same period last year); under non-GAAP, net profit attributable to the company’s shareholders was RMB 3.9 billion.

NetEase’s online game service net income reached 15.9 billion yuan in the third quarter, a year-on-year increase of 15%.

At the earnings call, NetEase CEO Ding Lei said that NetEase is currently prepared for Metaverse related technologies and rules. When the time comes, “NetEase may run faster than anyone else.”

At present, NetEase has launched Yaotai immersive activity system, AI virtual human anchor, planetary blockchain and other meta-universal concept products, and has invested in a number of innovative companies in the virtual human field.

In the financial report, NetEase also mentioned that this quarter, NetEase’s online game business has achieved fruitful results in terms of diversification strategies. The flagship game performed strongly, and the new game was widely favored by enthusiastic players due to its high-quality game design. In addition, NetEase Youdao, NetEase Cloud Music and NetEase Yanxuan also continue to maintain a diversified and differentiated product layout. “

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