How to Become a More Efficient Computer User: 10 Tips

Despite the latest technological advancement in tablets and mobile phones, computers are still widely used in homes and workplaces. If you’re a beginner and want to become computer savvy, then follow the tips mentioned in this article.

Take Advantage of Google

Why ask anyone else if you have the Google master to simply and quickly research various things. If there is something you don’t know about a computer, search for it on Google. Check out the few links given on Google’s first search result page to get the most relevant information. 

You’ll surely get some answers no matter what you’re searching for. You’ll even find various tutorials and courses for learning some technologies.

Use Accent Over Letters

Users can put an accent over a letter while typing on their computers. You can even type these characters on all versions of the Windows Operating System or macOS. The easiest way is to use a built-in Character Map that comprises plenty of characters from different languages. 

Other methods include the use of Alt codes, keyboard shortcuts, and different keyboard layouts.

Clean Desktop Regularly

Your system desktop can turn into a junk drawer which reduces the performance. There is no problem in keeping something on the desktop temporarily but remove them immediately after the use. 

Use a desktop wallpaper organizer to keep all important files well-organized. Delete the unwanted screenshots or other files that you no longer require.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts


Another way to make yourself a better computer user is to look for shortcuts. Using various keyboard shortcuts can help you open a program or install any software. It can assist you a lot in composing your program. 

What takes you rolling your mouse pointer across the screen to reach a certain option can now be accessed using shortcuts. To easily remember them, use letters similar to the name of the software you would like to access.

Install Password Manager

Remembering plenty of different passwords for various accounts such as social media sites or bank accounts is a big battle. And, typing them every time you need to log in seems quite annoying. 

This may also lead to cyber security concerns. To ease this process and ensure security, it’s good to use a password manager. It provides multiple benefits, including using strong passwords, managing shared accounts, faster access, and more.

Improve Internet Browsing

While using the computer, most of the time is spent browsing the internet. Hence, it is necessary to make your internet browsing more generous and effective using tab extensions. 

You can learn the tips to browse, manage, or delete your social media accounts more proficiently. Explore various ways to secure your browsing for more privacy over your information. 

Use Start Menu Search Box

Finding any file or program becomes much easier and faster using the start menu search box. You don’t need to launch an explorer window to search for any stuff. All you have to do is press CTRL + Esc or the Windows key to pop up the start menu. 

Once you do that, type the desired search requirement in the ‘Search for programs or files’ box. Just after typing a few letters of a file name, Windows will show you some suggestions.  

Learn Touch Typing

computer user

If you use all ten fingers to type something while keeping looking at the keyboard, then learn touch typing. This will help in becoming a master in typing because it allows typing without looking at the keyboard. 

Without spending time finding the right key, you’ll work on typing a lot faster and easier. Many online programs help you learn how to touch type. Free and paid typing lessons are available.   

Organize Your Messages

Keeping messaging apps together on the desktop helps in keeping all the texts in one place without swiping through the phone. You can quickly respond to a text while you’re busy with your work. 

There are professional software platforms that combine various apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, and more in one location. Even it helps in keeping multiple apps for the same application.   

Battery Longevity

Whether you’ve bought a new computer or a used one, it is important to ensure that your battery lasts longer. Better productivity and maximum output depend on battery usage and longevity. 

Therefore, optimize your battery life by avoiding over-charging. Recharge it only when it goes 10% or less than this. Windows now have a built-in Battery Saver setting to manage the screen brightness and control push notifications.

The Conclusion

Now that we have covered the basic tips to become a better computer user, it’s time to implement them. Don’t hesitate to try something new. Just make sure you take a complete backup of anything before you perform any action on your system.

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