Li Zhengmao is injecting a hard-core technical force into China Telecom.

If Huawei is an important town in China’s technological power today, then the three major telecom operators are the “behind-the-scenes heroes” behind the construction of this important town. Over the years, Huawei has contracted almost all the technical work of the three major operators, and at the same time The three major operators provide rich application scenarios for Huawei’s products, and even test plots.
In this process, the operator is naturally very comfortable. What is more comfortable than lying down and having someone help you plan everything and build everything?
However, comfort comes at a price. “Lack of technological innovation capability” is the price paid by the three major operators! Over the past few years, the three major operators have been battered with dust on the battlefield of the whole business, and you will die or die. In the end, what have you got? !
Look at the comments on the forum:
“In the past two decades, what other equipment vendors and terminal vendors have that we used in telecommunications, we used them to get approval for the network, and then pieced together to create a new business and new policy. Twenty years later, telecommunications have mixed themselves with the present In this way, how can it look like a technology company? Purely pursuing the doctrine of use, it can only become a pipeline.”
However, this situation is changing-
A few days ago, Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom, released the “China Telecom Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan”, formally proposing the idea of ​​building a technology-based enterprise.
Li Zhengmao said that after a year of practice and comprehensive research and judgment on the current situation, China Telecom has upgraded and proposed to be the source of original technology and the chain length of the modern industry chain, making China Telecom a technology-based enterprise with independent control of key core technologies. The first camp of national scientific and technological innovation enterprises strives to become a technological leader and the vision of a national strategic scientific and technological force.
This vision includes two key points-
One is to become a technology-based enterprise, for which it needs to obtain national, market and customer recognition.
The second is to become a leading company in science and technology. To this end, it is necessary to achieve a three-dimensional lead, that is, the ability of technological innovation to enter the first camp of global operators, central enterprises and similar markets.
In order to realize this vision, from now to 2035, China Telecom will take three steps to build a leading technology company and become a national strategic technology force.
The first step is to basically build a technological enterprise with its own characteristics recognized by the country, the market, and customers by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, basically realize the autonomous controllability of the cloud network, and firmly control the network in its own hands.
The second step is to build a technology-based enterprise by 2030, with cloud network operation technology leading global operators, and a significant increase in international voice and influence.
The third step is to achieve the “Three Leads” by 2035, enter the first camp of national technological innovation enterprises, and become a technological leader.
Li Zhengmao said that the first step during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period is a crucial step to realize the vision of scientific and technological innovation. China Telecom will take independent control of key core technologies as the fulcrum, increase R&D investment and improve R&D efficiency.
To this end, China Telecom has clarified the first-stage scientific and technological innovation goals based on six innovation indicators, that is, the investment intensity of R&D expenditure should be increased to more than 4%, R&D personnel accounted for more than 15%, and the self-research rate of key systems and key platforms exceeded 50%, the contribution of technological innovation to revenue growth exceeds 70%, the network autopilot capability has fully reached L4, and the international standards in key areas of the cloud network have entered the top three global operators.
I have to say that Zhengmao, who is a technical expert, always injects a hard-core technical force into China Telecom.

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