“New technology empowers new models, new models help new developments” series of reports (3) Student self-inquiry model of English learning

On October 19, 2021, Haidian Internet Education Research Institute held this year’s academic exchange meeting, based on the “double reduction” policy and the education “14th Five-Year Plan”, focusing on the Haidian national level “new teaching and learning based on teaching reform and integration of information technology” The “dual zone” construction work of the “experimental zone for learning model” and the national “smart education demonstration zone”.

Participating experts, leaders, and representatives of various governing units, experimental schools, and demonstration schools report on the exploration of information technology and product innovation application models in typical education and teaching scenarios, and report on artificial intelligence to help high-quality education development, research and training expansion and management deepening, Preliminary discussion on topics such as student self-learning mode exploration, Pan Ya course teaching and research mode, touch-control all-in-one computer preparation teaching mode, interactive recording and broadcasting to create dual-teacher classrooms and other topics.

In order to further refine the application value of new technologies, new products, and new models, and better share the experience of Haidian’s “dual-zone” construction, Haidian Internet Education Research Institute sorted out and summarized the content of the conference’s exchanges, and launched the “new technology empowering new model, new A series of reports on “Models help new development”. This issue brings you the “student self-inquiry mode of English learning” shared by Gao Huitian, technical director of NetEase Youdao.


In recent years, as the result of the integration and development of the education field and the new generation of information technology, the development and application of intelligent learning hardware has received more and more attention. The “Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Advancement of Education Modernization (2018-2022)” issued in February 2019 requires vigorous promotion of education informatization and efforts to build a new type of education based on information technology in-depth integration. The curriculum standards at different stages formulated by the Ministry of Education are also paying more attention to the application and empowerment of educational information products for English learning.

Netease Youdao continues to empower Haidian’s smart education development through the development and application of Youdao dictionary pens and other intelligent learning hardware and information products, serving students, teachers, students, and teachers in a variety of teaching and learning scenarios to help Haidian” “Double Zone” construction. On the one hand, relying on the teaching aids of reading learning texts, NetEase Youdao dictionary pen can help students realize interactive learning and personalized teaching in learning; on the other hand, through NetEase Youdao dictionary pen and picture books, reference books, textbooks and other education The integration of resources can realize deep and three-dimensional exploration.

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