Technical assistance to solve problems Intimate service promotes development

Since the launch of the party history study and education, all units of the Tianjin market supervision system have performed their duties, worked hard, innovated service methods, improved service levels, persisted in doing practical things for enterprises, solving problems, and promoting enterprise development and upgrading.

The Municipal Institute of Metrology Supervision and Testing Science takes full advantage of its technical advantages and goes deep into an enterprise to provide assistance. Aiming at the problems of insufficient measurement technology and aging equipment faced by the enterprise, it organizes technical backbones to communicate with the enterprise, formulate a testing plan, and solve the problems one by one. The technical staff also preached on-site standard procedures and policy documents related to the development of the company to help the company’s sustainable and healthy development.

The Municipal Food Safety Testing Technology Research Institute actively organizes special trainings and invites well-known experts in the industry to address the problems of “specialized, special and new” enterprises in how to promote product quality and production efficiency, and how to do a good job in independent innovation and operation of patents and trademarks. On-site lectures are conducted around the topics of “Excellent Performance Management Model”, “Intellectual Property Protection and Application”, etc., to provide useful guidance for the development of the enterprise. At the same time, representatives of participating companies are invited to visit the testing laboratories on the spot, and provide detailed answers to questions such as product applicable standards, determination of test results, and storage of reagents, so as to promote the innovation and development of enterprises.

The Municipal Institute of Standardization went to a technology company to conduct visits and surveys, guide the compilation of corporate standards, and provide standard reference materials to help companies accelerate the process of standardization and further improve product quality. In view of the difficulties of Tianjin Light Industry Vocational and Technical College in formulating relevant standards for industrial CT testing, we will introduce in detail the composition of my country’s standard system, the work steps for group standardization, and the procedures for group standardization, and combined with the actual situation of the college, assist in the establishment and preparation of the project. The “Standardization Cloud Classroom” online public welfare lectures were held to explain the standard formulation and revision work procedures and common problems to social groups and enterprises, and to obtain international standardization information channels, which were well received.

The Municipal Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Technology Research Institute adheres to the development strategy of “integration of production and education, and a new chapter in cooperation between colleges and universities”, actively communicates and negotiates with Tianjin Maritime Vocational College, and builds a “double-qualified” teacher training base and teachers Practice base. At the same time, focusing on personnel training, vocational training, etc., signed the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement for the Construction of Special Equipment Industry Colleges between the Banks and Schools”, in order to innovate the cooperation model, help students improve their practical ability, technical level and employment quality, and serve as a special inspection institute. Absorb compound technical talents and provide strong support for the high-quality development of the special equipment industry. In addition, the Party branch of the Pressure Vessel Inspection Department of the institute and the production party branch of a power generation company jointly established a party member commando team to undertake the inspection of 185 pressure vessels of the company. The commando used the night to perform fluorescent magnetic particle inspections on the outer surface of the container, and made recommendations for disposal of defects such as cracks found during the inspection, provided on-site technical guidance, effectively eliminated potential safety hazards, and provided technical guarantee for enterprises to connect to the grid on time.

The Municipal Self-employed Workers Association organized various district associations to actively carry out various forms of “Glorious Service Day” activities. The Jinnan District Association launched the “Glorious Service Day” activity in Wuyue Plaza with the theme of “improving the quality of employment and helping common prosperity”, organizing member companies to set up employment promotion points, issuing recruitment information cards, mobilizing 32 member companies and providing 190 jobs Therefore, we must fulfill our social responsibilities. The Baodi District Association organizes catering units in its jurisdiction to carry out food safety knowledge training for catering service practitioners. Focusing on the food safety law, it explains the health management of practitioners, food materials requesting tickets, tableware cleaning and disinfection, etc., and guides catering units to further standardize the food processing process and strictly Implement the “bright kitchen and bright stove” and relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control. The Jinghai District Association and the Tuanbo Town Market Supervision Office launched the “Employment Guidance Entering Campus” activity, and went to Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to explain the “14th Five-Year Plan for Employment Promotion” to graduates, focusing on optimizing the employment and entrepreneurship environment, stabilizing the employment of key groups, Improve employment services, guarantee labor rights and other aspects, publicize relevant national policies and measures, help graduates understand the status and trends of employment, guide them to improve their vocational skills, actively broaden employment channels, and increase the success rate of employment.

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