The 2022 International Symposium on the Peaceful Use of Space Technology (Health) will be held in Beijing

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, November 17 (Reporter Yang Xi) The same space, the same home. In order to jointly advance the advancement of space technology and promote the sustainable development of mankind, the “2021 International Symposium on the Peaceful Use of Space Technology (Health)” (hereinafter referred to as the conference) will be held in Beijing on November 18 in an online format.

At present, the economic and social development of various countries are getting closer. Only integrated development can achieve common prosperity, and the pace of mankind’s space exploration and international cooperation has never stopped.

It is understood that this conference is the fourth conference since 2018. The organizing committee stated that compared with the previous three sessions, this conference covers a wider range of professional fields and higher academic quality. Many leaders of related disciplines participated in the conference and delivered keynote speeches. Scientists, astronauts, entrepreneurs, and financiers from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other countries will use the form of cloud dialogue to jointly look forward to the development prospects of space technology and peaceful use, exchange the achievements of space technology innovation and development, and discuss space Apply the thinking and countermeasures of multilateral cooperation.

“Green Space”: Newly-added core topics of the conference

The organizing committee stated that this conference follows the theme of “One Space, One Homeland”, highlights the purpose of “International, Healthy, Green, and Development”, and focuses on space technology and health, and space technology to meet the challenges of environment and global climate change. “Green space” is not only a new core topic of this conference, but also a practical measure in response to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Wang Jianhong, Executive Secretary of the International Peace Alliance (Space) and Joint Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, introduced that this year’s conference will highlight three main lines, one is space technology and human health; the other is space technology to meet the challenges of climate change and help achieve “dual carbon” Goal; The third is the role and opportunity of small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of the peaceful use of space technology industry.

Climate change and energy issues are currently prominent global challenges. How to help achieve the “dual carbon” goal through innovative applications of spatial information technology? A small seed, what is different after returning from space? How to build a large-scale solar power station into space hundreds of kilometers away… These novel and interesting scientific issues related to the development of human society will be interpreted by industry experts one by one at this conference.

The earth is our common home, and space is our common wealth. How to create a “green space” and remove space junk that affects satellite operations and the safety of astronauts? The guests will also have in-depth exchanges on the topic of creating “space cleaners”.

Wang Jianhong introduced that the guests at this conference will focus on “deepening the application of spatial information in a new era and sustainable human development”, “space technology and human health”, “space power and ground energy”, “space technology and industrial investment”, “green space, “Green promotion prospects and opportunities”, “Aerospace Breeding and Space Biology Research” and other topics for case exchanges and collision of views.

Peaceful use: to create a high-quality development space application system

Space technology is closely related to people’s lives: satellite positioning and navigation technology helps us to identify the direction and location. The instant noodle vegetable bag originated from the Apollo lunar exploration program “frozen dehydrated vegetable technology”. The raw material of the memory pillow was originally used to protect astronauts…

As the saying goes, “Space technology is everywhere, and no one uses it everywhere.” With the development of human society and technological progress, especially as peaceful development and win-win cooperation have become the theme of the times, more and more space technologies will be widely used in people’s daily lives.

Space technology and human health have always been the focus of previous seminars. In the medical world, space medicine is the most cutting-edge research field. This year, many industry leaders will discuss and confront various topics such as “food production safety in space” and “organ chip”.

“This conference will make full use of the capabilities of space technology to create a high-quality development space application system.” According to the organizing committee, this conference will not only continue to demonstrate the peaceful use of space technology in the health and medical field, but also in communications, Remote sensing, navigation, space power, aerospace breeding and other fields present the most cutting-edge space technology research results, as well as the latest research and development products and projects.

Industry Promotion: Exploring a new model of integration and development of “production, study and research” in the space field

The key to the peaceful use of space technology is landing, and the main body of landing is the enterprise. How to promote the effective connection of global space technology with China’s huge market? How to form a sustainable development model for the transformation of the space technology industry? To this end, the conference focused on the industrial transformation of space technology and focused on discussing and communicating ideas and strategies for the integrated development of “industry-university-research”.

According to the organizing committee of the conference, the organizer of the conference, the International Peace Alliance (Space) and the International Academy of Astronautics, signed an agreement to establish an International Space Innovation Research Institute in China. Potential space technologies are transformed into industrial entities.

According to reports, on the basis of the three sponsors of the Chinese Academy of Astronautics, the China High-Tech Industrialization Research Association, and the International Peace Alliance (Space), this conference has been co-sponsored by the China Association for Remote Sensing Applications, the Chinese Society of Aeronautics, and the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce. Give full play to the professional advantages of the industry, guide related enterprises to strengthen the research and application of space technology industrialization, and promote space technology to serve economic and social development more conveniently, quickly and efficiently.

Wang Tianyi, executive chairman of the conference, executive chairman of the International Peace Alliance (Space), and academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, said that it is of great significance to convene this international seminar on the peaceful use of space technology under the complicated international situation, especially when the global new crown epidemic is repeated. Peace is the general development trend of the times, health is the common pursuit of mankind, and green is the goal of development. It is the responsibility of the international community to promote the peaceful use of space technology, benefit human health, and promote industrial development.

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