The Australian government lists 63 important technical areas for national security and will invest in development and protection

Canberra, November 17 (Reuters)-Australian Prime Minister Morrison said on Wednesday that there are more than 60 technological fields that are of vital importance to national interests and promised to provide millions of dollars in funding to prevent strategic opponents from controlling industries such as cyber security and medicine.

In recent months, Australia has pledged to spend billions of dollars to modernize its economy and reduce its dependence on China by boosting production in industries such as resources and key minerals, as well as supporting low-emission technologies.

Morrison said that Australia has identified 63 technologies that the government cannot allow foreign investment to dominate. These technologies include advanced networks, genetics, and new antibiotics.

Although Morrison emphasized 63 technologies, Australia will initially support 9 technologies. The first of these will be quantum technology. Morrison pledged to provide 100 million Australian dollars (73 million U.S. dollars) for the commercialization of quantum research and establish links with global markets and supply chains.

“Australia is working with like-minded countries, especially liberal democracies, to ensure that global technical rules and norms reflect these values-the values ​​of freedom and democracy.”

Based on the importance of these technologies to Australia, the Australian government may also restrict domestic universities and foreign institutions from conducting joint research in these 63 areas. (over)

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