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Wind Scribe VPN:

Windscribe VPN is one of the best virtual networks of the modern world. It was built by Yegor Sak and founded in 2015. Therefore, Windscribe is a non-profit organization. The company has about forty to fifty employees. However, these employees ensure the proper working of all the servers; the company operates from Great Lakes.

Why chose Windscribe VPN?

Common facts about Wind Scribe VPN:

  1. Wind scribe has more than four hundred servers from a hundred locations. Their VPN client also doesn’t have any device restrictions. Therefore, you can use many devices at will as required with one account.
  2. Although when we talk about the time for establishing a secure connection, it takes some time and is often slow for establishing a secure connection. When the connection gets established, it provides good server speeds.
  3. Wind scribe customers also face another issue as no customer support is available to all customers. Therefore, to solve a puzzle, users look for online support and can also mail them to get their problems resolved.
  4. Their data plans are also economical concerning other VPNs. If a user subscribes to their monthly subscription, it will cost them around nine dollars. But if a user subscribes to the yearly subscription, it will cost him five dollars per month.
  5. If a user wants to check the VPN client, he can also get free data. The volume for the open data is around ten gigabytes. Thus, completing the size, a user must subscribe to a bundle.
  6. Therefore, Wind scribe VPN provides its services in up to sixty countries.

Works on:

The app has great coverage of platforms that you can find it on. They are as follows:

  • Windows.
  • Mac Os.
  • Linux.
  • Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  • IOS devices.
  • Android.
  • Blackberry.
  • TV systems that support Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield and KODI.


As users are fully aware of the VPN and its uses. Therefore, each VPN has many applications and is also reliable from a security point of view. However, I’ll list some of the essential uses of the Wind Scribe VPN.

  1. Safe Downloading and Uploading:

One of the best uses which a user can make through a VPN is that he can download and upload files within a safe and secure environment. Hence, you are also safe while downloading from untrusted sources. Therefore, the use of Wind scribe VPN makes it possible for a user to protect his identity

All this becomes possible due to the use of specific protocols in Wind scribe VPN. Thus, it uses a lot of protocols like PPTP, SSL, SECP, and many other protocols, including Open VPN. Therefore, PPTP and Open VPN protocols are mandatory for Wind scribe VPN to operate. Without them, it cannot exist.

  1. Secure connection to public hotspots:

Wind scribe VPN is also advantageous to its users as the client protects the identity of the users when being connected to public hotspots. Therefore, the status of the user and the IP address never gets revealed to the open hotspot. However, connecting to public hotspots without using a VPN is not safe for anyone as it can steal one’s information.

Wind Scribe uses many protocols like PPTP, SSL, SECP, which assign a virtual location to the user, so the exact identity doesn’t get revealed in any way. Therefore, it provides a secure environment for the user.

  1. Saving Money in Online Shopping:

Many online platforms offer a lot of exciting promotional offers. This isn’t available everywhere. Thus, Wind scribe VPN provides its users to change their respective areas so that they can view and avail those offers. So, in this way, customers save a lot of money, and later they can also utilize them on other products.

  1. Improved Ping during Online Gaming:

Increasing the ping/speed for your online gameplay is one of the remarkable uses which a user can make. Hence, in this way, a user can have a great gameplay experience. It is because of the load on the server. If a particular online game server is loaded in your region, then it doesn’t need to be charged in the other areas.

However, consider that the server is loaded in your region. It will provide a slow speed, but if you change the location, then you will have a reasonable rate.

  1. Secure torrenting:

Torrent browsing is one of the everyday habits of users nowadays. It is a federal crime in Europe and nearby regions. If a user downloads/uploads torrents without hiding his identity, he can also serve some jail time. However, a user must hide his status.

Therefore, Windscribe VPN plays a vital role as it hid the identity of a user. Thus, the exact location never gets revealed. So, if a user downloads/uploads torrents, he will never reveal his true identity. In this way, a Windscribe VPN provides a safe pathway for the user.


Windscribe VPN is confidential when it comes to keeping their user’s data and log data anonymous as they abide by the rule that there will be no logging of data in any form. The privacy of this app is adequate and fairly secure and can even be compared to the best VPNs on the market.


As every product has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, Wind scribe VPN also has some benefits and drawbacks. Some important points related to them are given below.

  • Free data bundle before subscribing.
  • Uses military level encryption.
  • Available for multiple platforms.
  • Provides an average speed of about two hundred Mbps.
  • Extra volume is given for free.
  • Sometimes users experience connectivity issues.
  • Not recommended for IOS devices.

Pricing and plans:

There are two plans that you can go to or a unique build you own plan which is explained in the following:

  • You can pay for one month for 9$.
  • For one year you can pay 4.08$ per month.
  • The unique 1$ per location per month lets you customize which server you want to use and that too for how many months.

Final Thoughts:

Windscribe VPN is great for a plethora of reasons being that it has great speeds, great security, a multitude of platforms to choose from and even a free data bundle that users can use before subscribing to the app which just guarantees that it’s gonna pull users towards itself in no time. With the build you own plan, you can just use your own personal favourite server and pay 1$ for it every month!

When the VPN assigns a virtual location, the IP address of the user changes. Hence, in this way, the original site of the user is secure, and the user can easily avail of an offer that is not available in his/her region. These promotional offers are mostly available on Ali Express and the Amazon store.

The only downside to this service is that it experiences connectivity issues sometimes but the good outweighs the bad here by a ton and it’d be a smart move to buy this service pronto.

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