Xinhuazhang announces Zhu Hongchen as vice president to strengthen the development and deployment of technical solutions

On November 17, Xinhuazhang Technology Co., Ltd. announced that Joyee Zhu will join Xinhuazhang on November 2, 2021, as the vice president of verification engineering at Xinhuazhang. He will focus on customer project needs, provide professional technical solutions in the field of system verification, and accelerate the development and deployment of Sivazhang product upgrades and iterative introduction to frontier market needs.


Caption: Joyee Zhu, Vice President of Verification Engineering of Xinhuazhang Technology

Zhu Hongchen has more than 20 years of experience in EDA technology and product research and development. He is an expert in the field of high-speed and high-capacity FPGA and ASIC design and verification. He has deep expertise in OVM, UVM, hardware accelerator (emulator), and software and hardware co-verification technology. Attainments. At the same time, he is also well versed in the most critical system verification in the field of autonomous driving. He is good at scenario modeling and simulation. He once led the team to provide system-level solutions for automotive chip and algorithm design.

Before joining Xinhuazhang, Zhu Hongchen served as the head of engineering and director of application engineering in world-leading EDA companies such as Synopsys and Cadence. He successfully organized and led a team to provide comprehensive technical support and project management for multinational customers, and created a groundbreaking R&D management and customer service model, and built an intelligent technical analysis system that can complete analysis and schedule R&D in a very short time Resources provide support for customer projects. With his deep insight into the needs of customers in different markets and advanced technology management concepts, he has been highly praised by many cutting-edge IC design companies such as HiSilicon, Samsung, and Broadcom.

Zhu Hongchen also has extremely in-depth research and practical experience in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. He has served as the main person in charge of the intelligent debugging project, leading the team to study how to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to the verification and debugging stage. This project is a leading research in the field of international integrated circuit verification. Significant improvement will have a profound impact on EDA application engineering and chip research and development.

When accepting the appointment, Zhu Hongchen said: “I very much agree with the company’s next-generation integrated circuit intelligent design process EDA 2.0 goal. How to integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and other new technologies in the verification EDA system will be the future development of EDA. Important direction. It’s a great honor to join a company with strong R&D strength and advanced technology concepts like Xinhuazhang. I will spare no effort to help customers improve verification efficiency, shorten the overall R&D cycle, and bring the most advanced market needs to our R&D team. Work together to create future-oriented EDA products and systems, and make more contributions to the development of the industry and EDA technology.”

Wang Libin, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xinhuazhang, said: “The joining of Zhu Hongchen will build a strong R&D technology capability for Xinhuazhang, and lay a solid foundation for providing global verification solutions. With many products of Xinhuazhang coming soon Upon launch, his profound experience, unique technology and market insights will bring unique value to the company’s next technology and business strategic deployment.”

Xinhuazhang has been established for more than a year, and has assembled a global elite team of nearly 300 people, of which 80 are cutting-edge R&D personnel, and the proportion of masters and Ph.Ds is as high as 80%. The core R&D team is composed of world-renowned industry leaders and internationally renowned experts with many years of experience in integrated circuit design tool R&D.

In the future, Xinhua Zhang will continue to gather global EDA industry elites and cutting-edge technology talents, with intelligent debugging, intelligent compilation, and intelligent verification cockpit as the three bases, providing five product lines that fully cover the needs of digital chip verification, including: hardware simulation system , FPGA prototype verification system, intelligent verification, formal verification and logic simulation, to provide partners with groundbreaking chip verification solutions and expert-level consulting services. At the same time, Xinhuazhang is committed to the research and development of future-oriented EDA 2.0 software and intelligent electronic design platform, accelerating the efficiency of chip innovation with technological innovation, and making chip design simpler and more inclusive.

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